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Why we decided to live in a RV

Pat and I dreamed of retiring early and traveling. We loved the thought of having the freedom to explore this beautiful country as well as to visit with our kids more often. Since the kids are scattered around the country, I was searching for a way we could spend more vacations with them. We also hated leaving our pets whenever we would travel. We needed an option which would allow them to easily travel with us. Living in a motorhome made perfect sense. It would fulfill our love for travel and adventure, we could bring our pets with us, and visit with the kids and our grandkid more often. Our family would also be able to meet up with us on the road while we were staying in one place for a few weeks. No property taxes or house maintenance was another appealing and affordable aspect of this lifestyle. So after much more research, joining FB full-time RVing groups, and watching tons of YouTube videos, we decided to take the plunge and started to plan for this next chapter.

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