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A Tale of 2 Farms

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

After leaving the Kenisee Lake RV Campground on August 11th, we headed north up the Michigan peninsula to Erie Orchards & Cider Mill in Erie, Michigan for an overnight stay. This farm is part of our Harvest Hosts membership. We were able to park in their parking lot for no charge for the night.

When we arrived, we noticed that our water pressure was non-existent. It is super essential to have working water pressure when not hooked up to a campground's utilities. Pat discovered that the water pump was not working. He immediately went into action to diagnose the problem and to figure out a solution. He removed the water pump, disassembled it, took out the micro-switch, opened it up and found a broken contact in the switch. In about an hour's time, and with a hand of a skilled surgeon, he used a Dremel on an electrical connector and created a temporary solution. The problem was solved, and we again had running water!

Dr. Milligan at work!

That evening we were allowed to explore the grounds and visit with the resident goats and chickens. They told us we were allowed to take some eggs as well as feed the animals. Pat collected a half dozen eggs which made a great breakfast the next day!

Since we were still too far from our next destination, we stayed at another Harvest Hosts location the following night. Wellington Farm in Grayling, MI was our overnight stay on August 12th. According to the website, it is described as "60-acre living history complex depicting life as it was lived in a Midwestern farming community during the Great Depression." That evening we toured the complex on our own. They also had some resident animals on site. We found it to be a very interesting place!

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