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Camping along the Mississippi, Quick trip to Buffalo and Hot Springs

Updated: May 30, 2022

We checked into Tom Sawyer's RV Park in West Memphis, Arkansas on October 4th for an 8-night stay. This park is located on the shores of the Mississippi River. It was entertaining to watch the towboats move their giant barges past our RV every day. We chose this campground because of its close proximity to the Memphis airport making it possible for me to easily travel to Buffalo, NY on October 7th to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday.

Before flying to Buffalo, I spent a couple of days exploring the Memphis area. We checked out the Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid, which can be described as a Bass Pro Shop on steroids. As you enter the pyramid, you feel as though you are walking into an outdoor wilderness complete with fish-filled ponds, croaking frogs, and alligator pools. There are restaurants at the top of the pyramid, a hotel and spa, as well as the expansive retail store. There was even a nice-sized aquarium. Throughout the space, there are boats on display, canoes and kayaks, fishing/hunting/camping gear and sports apparel. It is essentially an outdoorsmen's paradise. They also welcome dogs, so Myah was able to tag along!

The next day we decided to take a long, 25-mile bike ride along the Big River Trail. An entry point was accessible near the campground entrance. The trail comprises 70 miles of riverside trail atop the Mississippi's levee system. The best part was going over the Big River Crossing bridge into Memphis. This bridge is 1-mile in length and is considered the longest public pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi. At night the bridge is illuminated with changing colors and is a beautiful sight to see.


Quick Trip to Buffalo, NY

I flew to Buffalo on October 7th, and my sister, Tricia, picked me up at the airport. My mom was expecting to have lunch with her at a nearby restaurant. She had no idea I was coming and was very surprised when I sat down beside her in the booth. The party was the next evening and was a huge success!

On Saturday, a couple of my friends, Kim and Amy, traveled from Canandaigua and Naples respectively to visit with me. We had a nice lunch and a wonderful time catching up.

It was great visiting with family and friends over the weekend and celebrating my mom's special birthday.

I traveled back to Memphis on the 11th.


Hot Springs, Arkansas

On October 12th we traveled to Hot Springs, AK for a 4-night stay at Treasure Isle RV Park. The campground is only 15 minutes from Hot Springs National Park. This national park is unique in that is located in the city of Hot Springs. There are cute shops and restaurants lining the streets of the city. We also enjoyed hiking the trails in the mountainous area surrounding the city. It was interesting to learn about the hot springs. Most people think you are able to soak in the natural hot springs, however, this is not the case. The water is piped into 8 bathhouses located in what is called "Bathhouse Row" on one of the main streets. These bathhouses were constructed between 1892-1923. Spa services are offered at the bathhouses so that you can enjoy therapeutic benefits of the hot mineral water.

We filled up a couple of jugs with the piping hot water. The temperature of the water coming out of the spigot was about140 degrees.

Good thing Pat had a couple of growlers hanging around.

During our stay in Hot Springs, we visited a nearby park called Garvan Woodland Gardens. We really enjoyed our stroll through this beautiful and peaceful botanical garden. We also visited a chapel inside the park called Anthony Chapel. The architecture of this picturesque church hidden in its forest environment was truly amazing.

Scroll to see pictures of Gaven Woodland Gardens.

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