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From there to here

It has been a whirlwind few weeks since my last post. I'm not sure where to begin. The estate sale was a success. We sold most of the furniture, household goods, tools and other various stuff we accumulated over the years. We had a garage sale the next weekend after the sale and sold even more. Little by little every piece of our former lives began to dissipate with each passing day. When the person who bought our bed picked it up, we began staying at my aunt and uncle's house, who fortunately live down the street from our house. They graciously allowed us to park the RV in their driveway, which made it easier for us to go back and forth and to also get the RV packed up and ready to go. After the garage sale, we either gave away, donated or threw the rest of the stuff in a dumpster.

Some people ask how can you throw out or get rid of all of your things? It really wasn't that difficult for Pat and me. There comes a feeling of freedom when you realize you aren't tied down to the stuff anymore. No more house to maintain is such a great feeling. Yes, it served its purpose when we were raising the kids, but who needs a huge house with a big back yard when it is only the 2 of us? My new motto is "less stuff, more experiences". It's all about chasing our new view!

Selling the house and becoming debt-free with no more stuff has allowed us to follow our dream of becoming full-time RVers and exploring the country. Let the new journey begin!

Simba wants to know where all the stuff went.

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