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Heat wave in Maine!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I had chosen to start our full-time RV journey in Maine because it was summer, and I assumed it would be cooler in Maine. I wasn't expecting it to be in upper 90's! We wanted to check out the Portland area, and despite the high heat warning, we went anyway with our bikes in tow. Since Myah is not fond of the heat, we left her in the air-conditioned RV with Simba. We have security and a monitoring system set up in the motorhome. We use a Canary Pro that monitors the temperature, humidity, and air quality inside the RV. If the temp goes above a set degree, it will send us a text message alerting of the rise in temp. We also have an auto generator that will kick on if the campground power goes off. We normally don't leave the pets for too long, but we have some peace of mind when we are gone for a few hours.

We set off for Portland, stopping at the Portland Head Light in Fort Williams Park first. Getting out of the car was like stepping into an oven, but the views of the lighthouse and the surrounding area were amazing.

The rocks leading down to the sea were very interesting. They looked more like petrified wood than rock. It is actually layers of quartzite and dark grey phyllite.

We drove into the city of Portland, but again, because of the extreme heat, decided against riding the bikes. We had a quick lunch and headed back to the campground.

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