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Moody Beach Campground

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

We arrived at Moody Beach Campground on June 23rd. We will be here for 9 days. Now that we've been here for a couple of days, I am wondering if we will have enough time to see all the sights. There is so much to do around here.

We have a site that is partially wooded and shady. It's been a little cooler here with a high of around 70 during the day and the low in the mid 50's at night-perfect for sleeping! We've needed to put the fireplace on in the mornings to keep the chill at bay.

Day trip to Kennebunkport

We took Myah to Kennebunkport yesterday. She had a wonderful time exploring the village and drew quite the attention from people passing by. So many people stopped to pet her and to ask what type of breed she is. She didn't seem to mind the attention!

Here she is walking nicely with her daddy on a very crowded sidewalk.

The best part of the trip for her was the stop at a unique pet store called Scalawags. Myah was like a kid in a candy store in here. She was a bit overwhelmed with all of the treats, toys and doggie paraphernalia; she couldn't stop racing around and sniffing every corner of the store. The owners were super nice, and offered her treats, too. After spending over $40, we needed to drag her out of the store.

On the way back to the campground, Pat spotted a cool trail that led to the beach. We were hoping to let Myah experience the ocean for the first time, however, dogs are only allowed on the beaches after 5 PM in the summer months, and we were an hour early. We'll try again another time. It was a pleasant walk, though, through a pretty wooded section of trail before opening up to an interesting marsh area.

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