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Time to hit the road

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

It is so hard to fathom that in May of 2019, we decided to start planning for the full-time RV life, and today, June 19, 2021, it has become a reality. Even though it was hard to say our goodbyes, we will be heading back to the Rochester area at the end of July to fly to Florida. We need to take care of setting up our residency in the state of Florida. After that, we will spend a few more days with family before heading out for good.

Our first stop was Copper City Brewing in Rome, NY. We are members of Harvest Host, a membership program that allows us to stay at various places such as farms, breweries, wineries, golf courses and more for free. They have hosts all over the country, and it allows us to spend a night somewhere when a campground may be further than we prefer to drive in a day. It's customary to patronize the business as a way of saying thank you. Pat was happy to oblige at this establishment! It was a great place and very dog-friendly.

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