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Upper Peninsula, Impromptu Trip to CA, and Amboy, IL

Our next stop was Cedarville RV Park, Cedarville, MI in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on August 15th. This was a small campground located on the shore of Lake Huron. We had a nice view of the water from the RV site.

One of the wonderful advantages about being retired and living this lifestyle, is that we can be flexible with our plans. It had been several months since I'd seen my daughter, Alyssa, who lives in California, so I decided to take a quick flight to visit with her for 10 days. I drove the car to the Detroit airport while Pat stayed at the campground for the rest of the week. Even though he was carless, he explored the area by kayaking in the bay and biking around the town of Cedarville. He also visited a couple of local breweries that were within biking distance of the campground.

On August 19th, Pat drove the RV solo down the peninsula to St. Clair RV Campground in St. Clair, MI, which was closer to Detroit and about an hour away from the airport. This made it easier for me to meet up with him when I returned to Detroit on August 26th.

We left St. Clair on August 30th and spent the night at Warner Vineyards in Paw Paw, MI. This was wonderful Harvest Host location. We parked our RV in the parking lot along the bank of a river and enjoyed the live music that was playing when we arrived. It was a lovely and relaxing setting! We also patronized the business by partaking in a wine tasting.

The next day, on August 30th, we headed to O'Connells Yogi Bear Park in Amboy, IL for a 7 night stay.

We explored the nearby town of Dixon the next day. Dixon is known for being the boyhood home of former President Ronald Reagan. There was a statue of a young Reagan on a horse by the Rock River. We had lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant and walked along the riverfront.

During our stay at the Amboy campground, we visited the Franklin Creek State Natural Area, near Dixon. We hiked for about 6 miles on the trail through this beautiful park.

Myah loved cooling off after the long, hot trek through the woods!

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